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i admire you

i look up at you from a million miles below, i wish to one day become as talented as you are


it wasnt that good, the animation that is. drawings were okay. but what really annoyed me was that you spelt knuckles with an I instead of a U, i just dont get how you can get those mixed up.

pretty awesome

that was reeeeaaaaalllyy good, but i thought he walked away from killing the red guy too shortly afterwoods but i couldn't see anything else wrong with it :D
what was the song in the credits called? i think you should have given credit to the artist for the song.

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nothing too interesting. and by the way im an aussie and boomerangs dont look like an incomplete circles. sorry, you might have put lots of effort into it but i dont think its too great. its good. but not great/


this is a great soundboard. probably one of the few that have ever been made of xbox 360 sounds, which brings me to the question: how DID you get those sounds?

HTSCONNER responds:

Lol honestly I downloaded a youtube video with someone going through the dashboard and chopped some sound bits out of it using Sony vegas and Goldwave.

good effort...

it was all good, i liked the art a bit (it wasn't shitty) except some things wouldn't drag, it needs music, and maybe add some effects or something onto the clothes to spice them up a bit :D

exzeta responds:

Yeah the art isnt bad.It has music.

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very good

it's a very good sort of fantasy music, like final fantasy O.o, but i was curious what program you use, because it dont think thats you singing.

bedsidetable2 responds:

ya lol i used dance ejay its gr8 man ... thnx for the 10 :)

sad clown music

this reminds me of sad clowns that freak you out when they get close to you.
uugh, bad memories.


very excitingabubble it is the best version of popcorn ive ever heard although ive only heard the original and this but its still one of the best songs n newgrounds

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Some people don't quite grasp the concept of fan art. Looks awesome though, seems like it should be on the cover for something :D


guild wars is the best!!! your an excellent artist and i like your style, it's sort of a mixture of something im not sure about. i could never do something like this :D

this is better...

this is the best out of the three on newgrounds, your a very good drawer it reminds me of dragonfable. i think the lack in your other pictures was the colouring, colouring is almost the most important thing in art. well, in my oppinion anyway (i've been told i'm not a very good artist by people on newgrounds)
good job, i wish you luck in the future, keep practising :D

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